A Resting Place is the first in a series of artworks that are designed to bring awareness to creative services in Farnham, it is therefore fitting that it has been chosen as a memorial to celebrate the life of Michael Francis Levett Prinsep. Micheal was the founder of Creative Response a charity that uses creative practice to assist personal recovery. Participation in arts and craft practice has significant health benefits for the individual and community as a whole. The memorial will serve Michaels legacy of recovery and community by providing a resting place for those who need it.

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Gostrey Meadow



The need to embrace our surroundings and engage with nature and connect to our community is essential for integration. There is little information about the various arts and craft centres in Farnham.


Recognising this need, a bench was designed incorporating themes of movement and connectivity, focusing on integration by promoting the value of physical connection.


The need to connect to our environment and to each other is vital for our wellbeing. Integration is key to regeneration and community wholeness. Gostrey Meadow (our local park), is a brilliant place for this realisation to occur and is central to a multitude of Arts and Craft practices.

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A Resting  Place


A memorial to celebrate the life of Artist Michael Francis Levett Prinsep.